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Shipping Container Architecture is an idea that seems to have arrived. When Malcolm McLean developed the shipping container in the 1950s he Revolutionized the Transport Industry.

Then a stroke of genius, 1987, when Philip C. Clark filed the first known U.S. patent describing a method for converting shipping containers into a habitable building he laid the groundwork for a construction concept that is today Revolutionizing the Building Industry.

V.E.S.C.O aims to use this modular architecture to help fill a pressing need for Affordable, Sustainable Structures.  

Our Focus

  1. MATERIALS - Our aim is to create homes that have a net positive effect on the community and contribute to a sustainable housing solution. This includes sourcing materials from sustainably managed supply chains. Upcyclyng ISO cargo containers that are otherwise left to decay in shipping yards at port cities across the nation. By recycling cargo containers we gain the benefits of working with steel without contributing to any adverse environmental impact from the production of new steel. Other recycled material in our homes includes newspaper based insulation. We also employ non-toxic caulks and adhesives and low-VOC (volatile organic compound) paints to provide a healthier finished product. 
  2. PROCESS - The majority of our building components are fabricated off-site with reduced on-site assembly. With prefab there is very little material waste left over when compared to standard construction techniques. Also some materials can be purchased in bulk quantities and used over many projects, minimizing delays and ensuring that no “short cuts” are taken due to unavailable materials. Bulk purchasing and the delivery of a small number of completed modules to the home site dramatically reduces the carbon footprint generated by transportation to and from the work site.
  3. DESIGN - There is a high degree of emphasis on making the homes highly efficient and often can achieve net zero at a relatively low cost in addition to our already affordable base price. Our homes save energy by reducing heating and cooling loads, using evidenced based building science practices that make our homes certified high performance homes using the HERS index for home efficiency.
We specify Energy Star rated appliances, efficient heating and cooling systems and LED and fluorescent lamps. We are also excited to work with any buyers who want to integrate tied-to-the-grid electric solar power systems (Photovoltaic Panels) or wind generated energy. We also specify products that conserve water above and beyond what is required by law, such as low flow shower heads, dual-flush toilets and under-sink flow restrictors.     

Materials and Methods

We combine the benefits of modular steel construction and upcycled industrial materials to create a modern home that is healthy, efficient reasonably priced and aesthetically pleasing.
Some of the Standard features include ...

Shipping container - high tensile, rust inhibiting corten steel
Roof – 1% slope front-to-back with PVC membranes / Spanish Missionary – Textured Stucco with decorative arches, several paint finishes / Modern – Clean lines with hardy board siding available in several finishes / Third style – Ranch house with metal gable or hip roof

Double pane, laminated hurricane impact with aluminum frame
Complies with requirements of 2014 Florida building code including high velocity hurricane zone

R28 walls: Closed cell spray foam exterior insulation & fire-retardant cellulose inside walls / R30 roof: Insulated tapered roof system with a peel & stick application / low

Ceilings with painted drywall
Hollow core composite interior doors
Baseboard and frieze on walls
Casing on doors and windows

2-ton compressor unit / central air / standard ducting / 24000 BTU’s / 20 SEER 50-gallon hybrid hot water heater or tankless water heater with gas service availability

White Decora switches
LED recessed lights throughout 

European frameless cabinets constructed of 5/8 white melamine
Detached toe kick
Slab textured melamine doors and drawer fronts in various finishes
Melamine drawer boxes with soft close side mount slides
Soft close concealed hinges

3CM granite counters with eased edge / 4” backsplash


Durable, stain resistant laminate flooring in hallways, kitchen, living room / Textured carpet in bedrooms
Ceramic tile in bathrooms 


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