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People spread germs. Anywhere people congregate there is a risk that an infected person will exhale droplet nuclei carrying disease. Germicidal UV is known to deactivate (break the DNA of) germs contained in tiny airborne droplets that transmit diseases from person to person. Once the DNA of a microbe is broken it loses its ability to reproduce. Bacteria and viruses that can not reproduce are rendered harmless. 

Germicidal UV should be installed throughout buildings where a significant hazard of airborne infection has been identified. Hospitals, clinics, prisons, treatment centers, and similar institutions are especially susceptible.
An energy audit determines the most effective low-cost means of reducing energy use. A commercial energy audit provides a clear breakdown of how, where, and when electricity is used in your building, as well as the current electric costs and how electric rates apply to the facility and its uses. It presents a specific list of potential modifications that can yield energy savings, if implemented.

The different levels of CEA’s-
Level 1 – Walk-through Analysis
Yields the most obvious and unquantified assessment of quick-hitter changes that will help with energy costs.

Level 2 – Energy Survey and Engineering Analysis
Provides prioritized, quantified recommended modifications sufficient for making business decisions and budgeting for each recommended modification.

Level 3 – Detailed Analysis of Capital-Intensive Modifications
Presents elaborate project cost and savings calculations with a high level of confidence sufficient for capital investment decisions.

NOTE: The result of each commercial energy assessment may vary due to several conditions and possible solutions are specific to that business.
Our Energy Professionals will evaluate your home heating and cooling system, insulation, windows, appliances and lighting, and conduct a blower door test to detect air leaks that could be costing you money. After the audit you will receive a comprehensive report to review the findings, along with a list of recommended upgrades to increase your home’s energy efficiency
Home inspections are an instrumental part of the homebuying process that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Of course, the most important reason to have a home inspection before you buy is to really know what you’re buying. With that in mind our Enhanced home inspections combine all the benefits of a thorough home inspection with the added knowledge of how your home is performing and outline opportunities to not only make a good buying decision but also know what the true cost of ownership will be. The more you know, the fewer surprises there will be down the road. 

Discover how to reduce your energy bills call
(954) 383 - 8531

Call Tulio 954.383.8531 to discover how you can reduce your energy bills and qualify for possible rebates toward the cost of a comprehensive retrofits designed to increase your energy efficiency. Investing in energy-efficient improvements can help you save energy and money throughout the year. 


"So Carey Reddick came today to look at my system...He was the nicest man I have ever dealt with...His company is called V.E.S.C.O. which stands for Veterans Environmental Sustainability Community Operatives Inc. It is a Veteran owned and operated company...He explained about his company, and his hiring of Veterans...and he showed me his booklet about how he is trying to help clean up the an affordable price...He is going to clean the mold from the coils and the Purifier will kill all mold and keep it away...we had coffee and talked like old friends. What a pleasure. The company also does energy audits and various other jobs."

"I have told you all before about mold in my air conditioner...Vesco Corp is a Veteran owned and operated company that employs veterans who can do a variety of jobs for you around the house...I encourage you to go to their website to read all about them. They came today and cleaned out the mold and put in the purifier with ultraviolet lights to keep the mold away. They will come back every year to check out the system…There's a 5 year warranty on the purifier...They also did an energy audit...they showed me the "hot" and "cold" spots in the house and they were spot on! I will get a full written report in a week or two…I also found out that FPL doesn't do free audits anymore. I have never met such friendly, knowledgeable, professional people before...I recommend them 100%. On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a 25...and Yes, Marcia, they go under the house because they do ductwork...Their goal is make every place you go, or live, environmentally safe...I'm posting before and after pictures. And also pictures of the energy audit. I was amazed."


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